ThingProvisation: Creating Value Through Design Beyond Scripts and Plans

What if your team designs a product that behaves in ways it cannot foresee? And what if there is actually value in that?
Responsive technologies today have opened up new possibilities for systems to respond to context in unique ways and to engage with people in manners that acknowledge the specificity of any given situation. Design approaches have historically put emphasis on plans, programs, scripts, and ultimately control. Instead, designers will increasingly conceive products in ways that are deliberately left open, rather than complete; for users that become active participants who will want to complete the product every time anew through their personal way of engaging with it. Rather than a well scripted theater performance this process resembles a jazz improvisation: the value of the product is not determined up front but, instead, emerges as the play unfolds.

In this novel scenario, organizations are called upon to rethink their values, processes and team capabilities in order to navigate the creation of products and systems where the value creation is, quite literally, beyond their control. This session will introduce a design perspective that embraces uncertainty in the development of engaging products. It presents a framework that supports organizations to adopt strategies required to navigate this new space of value creation that emerges in-the-moment of every single interaction and through a deliberate openness that fosters unplanned and unpredictable initiative.

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Location: Atlantic 3 Date: August 15, 2019 Time: 1:00 pm - 1:30 pm photo of Kristian Kloeckl

Kristian Kloeckl
Associate Professor at Northeastern University