Here are the materials that have been posted so far. – UPDATE Sept 4, 2019

In the interest of our shared conference bandwidth, consider downloading large items after the event.

Thursday, August 15

How Product Management Plus Design Leads to Product Success – Dan Olsen

Conversations to Great Products – Cindy Alvarez

How to Accelerate Design for Enterprise – Ben Shown and Morten Lüneborg

ThingProvisation: Creating Value Through Design Beyond Scripts and Plans – Kristian Kloekl

Get Emotional! Connecting Products and People in the Digital World – Patti Palmer

Sharing the Journey: How a UX Team Can Contribute to PM Success – Rob Houser

How to Achieve Product-Market Fit (mini-workshop) – Dan Olsen

In-Depth: Conversations to Great Products (mini-workshop) – Cindy Alvarez

Friday, August 16

Elevate Your Product Design by Unifying UX and Brand Strategies – Geoff Harrison & Bill Flora

Digital Transformation: Going Beyond Buzzwords – Jaime Levy

Designing Up the Confidence Curve – Yohanes Frezgi

The One Truth About Product Delivery – Gwen Betts

Aligning Organizations Around a Single Product Vision- Geoff Harrison & Bill Flora

Conducting Competitive Research and Analysis for Devising Innovative Products – Jaime Levy