Session Notes, Slides and Other Materials

Here are the materials that have been posted so far. – UPDATE Sept 4, 2019

In the interest of our shared conference bandwidth, consider downloading large items after the event.

  • As a special feature, you will find crafted session notes from our Blink staff. We have a pair of writers working behind the scenes to summarize the sessions each day and provide you with key take-aways.
  • Not all speakers elect to provide all their materials for distribution.
  • We are video recording some of the session content. We will email details about that in about two weeks.

Thursday, August 15

How Product Management Plus Design Leads to Product Success – Dan Olsen

Conversations to Great Products – Cindy Alvarez

How to Accelerate Design for Enterprise – Ben Shown and Morten Lüneborg

ThingProvisation: Creating Value Through Design Beyond Scripts and Plans – Kristian Kloekl

Get Emotional! Connecting Products and People in the Digital World – Patti Palmer

Sharing the Journey: How a UX Team Can Contribute to PM Success – Rob Houser

How to Achieve Product-Market Fit (mini-workshop) – Dan Olsen

  • No slides or materials available

In-Depth: Conversations to Great Products (mini-workshop) – Cindy Alvarez

  • No slides or materials available

Friday, August 16

Elevate Your Product Design by Unifying UX and Brand Strategies – Geoff Harrison & Bill Flora

Digital Transformation: Going Beyond Buzzwords – Jaime Levy

Designing Up the Confidence Curve – Yohanes Frezgi

The One Truth About Product Delivery – Gwen Betts

Aligning Organizations Around a Single Product Vision- Geoff Harrison & Bill Flora

Conducting Competitive Research and Analysis for Devising Innovative Products – Jaime Levy

  • No slides or materials available