Creating Deeper Customer-Product Connections by Melding UX and Brand Strategy

As the Chief Design Officer at Blink, Geoff Harrison oversees all the teams practicing design on projects. The client work is a variety – from consumer experiences to more role-based enterprise experiences. One of the things Geoff has an eye on right now is around systematizing design into design systems. This can mean everything from design delivery systems to creating designs that are scalable to other types of products or services within an organization. It is a recognition that a more mature design is more strategic. Geoff notes, “what we’re finding is that it’s not just a one-size-fits-all solution. It has to fit with what organizations are doing and needs to be consumable for them.”

One of Geoff’s topics at ConveyUX Boston is Elevate Your Product Design by Unifying UX and Brand Strategy. Co-presenting with Blinker Bill Flora, the session came from the merging of Bill’s brand strategy work and Geoff’s design work. They want to get beyond just combining the disciplines and, instead, find the appropriate and effective intersections. This thinking promotes the idea that experiences companies create really are the brand. UX designers we need to be able to create those experiences so that they’re helping elevate that brand. This means communicating or connecting with customers on an emotional or an expressive level. We would like UXers and product teams to understand how to bring this into organizations that might not immediately value it.