Building Product Confidence through the Scientific Method

Yohanes Frezgi is a product manager working at the Chinese version of Amazon which is Alibaba. He started off his career at Harvard Business School, into consulting and finance and then quantitative work. That lead to product management at Zynga and Audible. At Alibaba, Yohanes spends half his time in China and the rest in New York.

An interesting thing about China is that market demand and the number of people dramatically dwarfs anything in the US. So, working at Alibaba you are fulfilling a much larger demand.  But in terms of culture and style, Alibaba is really very much like a startup. You go from idea to usability testing to development to full launch, all in a few months.

One thing that I’m interested in is the generation of recommendations for customers. At Audible, we would deliver audio book recommendations based on something we knew about a customer. Now we’re starting to scratch the surface of using artificial intelligence and algorithms to generate recommendations.

At ConveyUX Boston, Yohanes will share his presentation Designing Up The Confidence Curve. In his product management at Zynga he used the scientific method. He found that techniques to be effective in building a product based on building confidence. Starting off with a customer a pain point, over time, as you get more and more insights. The confidence you get from those insights makes you more willing to put more resources into it. And that can be resources in terms of your time, your designer’s time, or your engineering time, or your capital, your business’ money.