Improving Team Dynamics and Embracing Collaboration – speaker Gwen Betts

Gwen Betts is the Director of Product Experience at Rapid7. Her career path has weaved from a visual and graphic designer, customer tech support, customer experience and front-end development. She has led teams of designers and developers and is now full time into UX and product design – specifically with cyber-security.

She notes that “cybersecurity is still a green field for design professionals, because there are complex problems that we’re trying to solve, especially around data invisibility. It’s an opportunity, because now companies recognize that UX is a differentiator. Not just from an ease-of-use perspective, but when you’re thinking about security measures and how to go about driving adoption of them, which historically has not been an easy challenge for companies to solve. I see UX as a facilitator.”

Gwen has been exploring the many different ways in which we work and that is the subject of her ConveyUX Boston presentation. She explains that “one of the things I see more and more, especially as junior and associate level designers move to mid-level, move to senior, and then leadership, is that there is this huge focus on the one true way of doing things. But I think for those of us who’ve been in designing UX and products for quite some time, you’ll know that things are messy, and things are chaotic, and there’s probably not one true way of doing things.” She’ll be talking to attendees about how to help teams figure out their dynamics are and how to work within them.