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UX needs alliances

The future of UX will be defined by the alliances we invest in. Here are 5 key alliances every UX designer should be building. What value does UX bring to teams trying to build great products? UX designers continue to play a broad role in the research, design, and testing of digital products hitting the market every day.

Comparing UX with some of its Misused Terms

Differentiating UX from a sea of labels. Often times the term user experience (UX) is used interchangeably with other titles. Essentially, UX refers to the overall experience a user has when interacting with a product. Since the meaning of UX is so broad, there still seems to be a murky understanding of UX and the role of UX designers.

The Strategic Arc of Interaction Design: Moving Towards Holistic System Design, by Steve Baty – Core77

The ticketing machine of the new Melbourne Bicycle Share scheme. Melbourne, Australia. Photo: Gavin Anderson. Designers of interactions have the opportunity to move their purview beyond the shallow plane of interaction into the design of systems, organisational capability and culture; to tackle very complex problems and affect profound and lasting…